Review, Reset and Re-Align your Big Dreams at this amazing time of Matariki









Welcome – Naumai Haere mai!


Natasha helps clients clear blocks and get stuff done by using AHU – a coaching model derived from many of her role models.

She helps new and existing family/whanau business owners that are needing to set up a business or inject new ideas or review, re-set and realign business.

She will help you by teaching strategies that help you make decisions on point, simple tools to help you be clear about what you want, and practical tools that will assist with business and everyday life planning and execution.

If this sounds like you or your whanau contact Natasha on for your no-obligation korero – talk. 


Hi Tash, I’ve been meaning to email for a while. The change in SB is very cool! The way she doesn’t buy-in and get upset by outside stuff. Another HUGE thing is SB’s confidence in cooking. Where once if it didn’t go right or look right she would beat herself up and not try again for months. I have always cooked and that’s fine cause I like doing it as for me I’m looking after my lady. The confidence that SB now has in cooking is huge. From searching online and finding meals to cook to slipping in a vegetarian meal and then smiling so sweetly when she told me 😊  It is amazing! So THANK You.”


“You have given me the tools to help me understand what’s going on, how to unpack and change it. Over the past few days I have been buzzing, and my partner has commented on how much happier I am. Thank you Tash!”


“Kia ora, since joining in on Life Coaching, I can say that it has had a good effect on myself in the things I do, the things I think about and just the overall outlook I have on life. Doing thought cleanses everyday has had the most impact. After doing these, my wairua feels Tau and allows me to continue my day calmly and positively. I have learnt to accept that everything happens for a reason. Good or bad and its what we learn from them that matters the most. Nei ra te mihi nui kia koe mo to mahi. Me te tukuna I o matauranga me o akonga kia hapai ia matou te whai i te ara tika mo matou me te ara hohou rongo hoki.”


“To be honest, I thought a thought cleanse wouldn’t help my mind frame and I can’t believe the results! Immediately my mind was clear and I felt neutral and like I can take any action. I was smiling from ear to ear!”


“Love your mahi. Thankyou for bringing me back on the waka”


“I love working with Natasha, she is great no nonsense and really down to earth. Tasha really supported me in getting stuff done and realising my goals.”

Naadia Jackson-Amiga

Online Marketing Strategist, Uniqueness Solutions Limted

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